What Decking Materials Are Best For Your New Above-Ground Pool?


If you've recently made plans to install an above-ground pool in your backyard, you may be wondering what you'll need to do to construct a sturdy and safe patio or deck for your new pool. After paying for the pool itself (along with absorbing the increased water and electricity costs that come with maintaining a pool), you may want to have this deck built for as little as possible. On the other hand, you don't want to scrimp when it comes to safety, especially if you have children who may be running or diving from a slippery deck. Read on to learn more about some of your safest and least expensive pool decking options.

Concrete patio

Although you may assume your primary decking choices will be between real wood and composite wood or PVC, a concrete pool patio can offer a number of advantages you may not have expected. Most concrete patios are either made by mortaring blocks together or involve pouring cement into a mold, then stamping a pattern into the top and sides of the patio.

You won't need to worry about regularly restaining or resealing your concrete pool patio -- although you'll want to patch any holes or other imperfections when you notice them, your concrete should be pretty much impervious to the chlorinated water and other moisture to which it is frequently exposed. In addition, having your above-ground pool's liner surrounded by solid concrete can provide additional support if your pool does happen to spring a leak. Concrete patios can be created with a wide variety of surface patterns, allowing you to select an extra-grippy surface to avoid slipping.

Composite decking

This decking is made from compressed wood fibers mixed with cement or glue. The resulting lumber has the look and strength of wood, but can be treated with chemicals to render it UV-resistant or even chlorine-resistant, making it one of the most durable options for the money. You won't need to repaint or restain this deck on a regular basis and it should require only a quick power-washing once or twice a year to maintain a like-new appearance for decades.

Although this decking usually isn't as slippery as genuine wood, it can sometimes be slick when wet. You may want to install sandpaper decals around the area surrounding your pool to prevent any accidents. However, because composite decking can be designed to refract the sun's rays, it's less likely to burn your feet on a hot or sunny day.


4 June 2016

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