Repair Holes In A Concrete Patio And Add Sealer To Protect It From Future Damage


If there are a few holes in the surface of the concrete patio that covers part of your backyard, patch them with ready mix concrete by completing the instructions listed below. Afterwards, add a coat of sealer to the patio's surface in order to protect it from future damage or permanent stains.   

Materials Needed

  • broom
  • scrub brush
  • industrial-strength detergent
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • ready mix concrete
  • mixing stick
  • gravel
  • small shovel
  • trowel
  • plastic sheeting
  • wooden stakes
  • rocks
  • concrete sealer
  • paint roller and frame
  • roller handle

Remove Loose Concrete And Clean The Patio

Sweep up pieces of loose concrete with a broom. Fill a bucket with water and add some industrial-strength detergent to it until suds form. Use the soapy solution and a scrub brush to clean the patio's surface and remove dried residue from portions of the concrete. Rinse the patio off with plain water when finished and wait for its surface to dry.

Fill Holes With Gravel And Ready Mix Concrete

Stir a bucket of ready mix concrete until it is smooth and creamy. Place a thin layer of gravel in the base of each hole. Spread the gravel pieces out until they are evenly distributed. Use a small shovel to fill the rest of each hole with ready mix concrete. Press down the concrete that is at the surface of each repaired area with the flat side of a trowel. Smooth out excess concrete with the same tool. Wait for the concrete to harden. This may take a couple days and depends on how much of the material was added to each hole. 

Apply A Coat Or Two Of Sealer

Secure pieces of plastic sheeting over the ground that is adjacent to the patio with sharp, wooden stakes or rocks. The sheeting will protect grass or dirt from becoming covered with a sealer. Use a paint roller to apply an even coat of sealer to the patio. Begin in one of the corners of the patio and spread the sealer across the length of the patio in straight lines. Wait for the sealer to dry and add a second coat of it if additional coverage is needed.

Once the patio's surface is dry, remove the plastic sheeting. The patio can be enjoyed throughout the year and its appearance will remain intact. Keep the patio's surface clean by using a scrub brush and soapy water to remove dry residue. Rinse the patio off when finished and wait for the concrete to air dry.  



6 June 2016

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