Flat Earth Theory: Building A Rooftop Deck On Your Modular Home


Self-sufficiency starts not just at home, but with the home that you select. Choosing a home with green features can help you remain environmentally-friendly, plus help with a more sustainable life. A modular home is a good choice for a house with green features, because you get to select the features that are built with the home. Here are some tips on building a rooftop deck at the top of your modular home. 

Get the right kind of cement

With the help of sustainable contractors, look for the right type of roof cement. Cement and concrete come in a number of different types and you want to make sure you select the right one. Be sure that your concrete roof is able to expand for water intake, and make sure that it will not scorch the bottom of plants in extreme heat. The right type of concrete will make for a sturdy roof and allow you plant vegetation atop the roof. Contact a company like Omnicrete for more information.

Plant vegetation with the direction of the sun

Moving plants inside of pots on your rooftop deck will be a simple task. What you want to think about before sitting them down is how much sun each one of these needs. Be sure to set the plants that need the most sun in the direction facing the sunrise. The plants that need less sunlight can be placed in rows behind the sun-needing flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Also align plants so that taller trees are not blocking smaller flowers from getting proper oxygen flow, sun, and water. 

Construct an irrigation system

If you are placing plants on the top of your roof, make sure you construct a proper drainage system. Since your concrete modular roof is likely to be flat, you need an irrigation system to take the water that could remain stagnant at the center and move it down the gutters. Roof drainage openings can be created throughout your concrete roof to ensure that old water is either properly absorbed or it flows down the gutters in order to keep the roof, home, and plants healthy. 

Construct additional coverings as necessary

In times of heavy snowfall or rainfall, be sure to protect your plants and deck accordingly. Construct a small greenhouse or a room at the top of your roof that can hold your plants in the event of a storm or heavy condensation. If necessary, construct a tarp for your rooftop deck and use it when inclement weather is nigh so that your sustainable deck space is not destroyed. 


7 June 2016

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