Why You Carefully Consider Acid-Stained Concrete For Your Renovation


Do you have renovation plans? If so, acid-stained concrete could be an ideal material for you to consider. Its visual appeal makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor and indoor renovation projects. The following points will help you to better understand this type of concrete stain and why it is gaining popularity among property owners.  

Overview of Acid Staining Process

Contractors use a mixture of acid-soluble metallic salts, water, and hydrochloric acid to create the stain used for this type of project. When the acidic mixture is applied to concrete slabs, it changes the color of them. This is a chemical reaction, and therefore, the resulting stain will not have a solid, uniform color. The complexity of the appearance is what attracts some people to this type staining. The acid stain mixture must dry, and then a sealant is applied on top of it. 

If you have a project that will involve pouring new concrete, there will be a waiting period before the acid stain can be applied. This is because the freshly poured concrete will need to completely cure before it can withstand the acid mixture. 


The acid stain mixture is not considered a coating material. This means that it will not flake, chip, or peel away from the concrete slab. When it is applied, it becomes part of the concrete. which means you can expect a semi-permanent effect.

Quick Flooring Improvement

As long as the slab you intend to stain is in good condition, there will be no need to replace the concrete. This means that acid-stained concrete is a viable solution for outdated or worn carpet and other types of flooring. 


The sealant that is applied to the concrete in the final stage may inhibit the accumulation of allergens such as mold, dust, and pollen. This means that if you have allergy prone individuals in your family, removing carpet and opting for this type of flooring solution can make cleaning easy and help reduce allergy flare-ups.

Slip Resistant Options

Depending upon the area you intend to stain, you may want to choose a sealant that offers slip resistance. For example, garage floors may be exposed to liquids leaking from vehicles that could cause someone to slip. Opting for a sealant that has a sandlike material infused in it can ensure beautiful floors as well as safety.  

A concrete contractor (such as one from AAA Concrete Construction Inc) is a good resource to use for stained concrete projects. They can offer you additional concrete staining options including customized solid colors. 


14 June 2016

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