3 Indoor Signs That Your Home's Foundation Needs Repair


There are a number of costly repairs that homeowners must face. One such repair – that of the foundation – is a less common one, but one that can certainly cause you a whole host of issues and cost you thousands if not addressed immediately. Learn how you can catch the issue early with the three signs below.

1. Doors Begin to Jam or Fail to Close Properly

A door that suddenly jams or fails to latch can cause a number of issues, and it can also be caused by a number of factors. The most common factor is a foundation that's in need of repair which is why this sign should never be ignored.

As the foundation shifts, the frames of your doors will be affected. This will cause the frame to shift, and the door will no longer fit within the frame as it's supposed to. If this has suddenly become a problem for you, it's time to call in a contractor to assess the sitatuion and determine whether it's a foundation issue or not.

2. Windows Close Unevenly or Not at All

If you're having trouble with a window that once easily closed, you may assume that the window was shoddy and that the problem lies with the window's improper installation. There could, however, be a more serious problem.

If the foundation of your home is in need of repair, your window frames may become misaligned. This usually occurs slowly, so you may not notice a drastic difference simply by looking at the window. You will notice, however, that the window is now difficult to open or close, or the window no longer closes all the way (the rail does not sit in the sill).

3. Cracks Appear on the Walls or Floor

Cracks are the tell-tale sign of a damaged foundation and should be taken very seriously.

Overtime, the foundation of your home can shift. This can cause damage to your home's structure and will be seen in the walls and floors of the home in the form of cracks. These cracks can occur anywhere, though they're more likely to appear in the corners, above doorways, and where the walls and floors meet.

As a homeowner, you expect a reasonable amount of repairs to be required throughout the lifetime of your home. The necessary repair of your home's foundation, however, may crop up unexpectedly and leave you with costly issues. The above three signs will provide you with the insight necessary to catch foundation issues early. Contact a contractor, like S&W Concrete, for more help.


28 June 2016

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