How A Budget-Minded Homeowner Can Work With A Contractor To Repair Damaged Concrete Blocks


Cracked or damaged concrete sidewalk blocks are both unsightly and hazardous. The blocks can be costly to repair as well. Homeowners with a limited household budget may not be able to immediately afford replacing several blocks. Ignoring the problem, however, is not a wise solution. The cracks and imperfections are only going to get worse since cracks are prone to expand with changes in the weather. Thankfully, a combination of do-it-yourself work and proper budgeting can remedy the situation.

The One Block A Month Fix

Repairing six concrete blocks at, say, $250 each comes out to $1,500. While fixing all the blocks at one time is the best option, those short on funds may feel they have no choice but to let things go until finances improve. Actually, fixing one block a month until all the work is completed is far better than nothing. A contractor is not likely to turn down a request for fixing one block. In fact, fixing a single block is not going to take a huge time commitment. A contractor should be able to squeeze the work into even a very crowded and busy schedule.

Of course, this does mean hazards exist with the remaining damaged blocks. This is where a partial do-it-yourself plan comes into effect.

  • Filler Repair

There are fairly inexpensive concrete filler mixes that be can be used by the homeowner to fill in gaps and cracks in concrete. These ready mix concrete fillers are fine for a decent patch job and provide a temporary solution until the concrete blocks are replaced. In some cases, it may be advisable to go over the patch job with a coating of durable concrete resurfacing cement. A contractor could add the resurfacing layer for a reasonable fee. So, the remaining blocks look decent and even until they can be replaced..

  • Epoxy Painting

Epoxy paint can be added to blocks with or without the resurfaced layer. Epoxy paint is chemically designed to stick to concrete surfaces. The paint provides two valuable benefits. For one, a coat of epoxy paint presents a single color across the cement block. The mix of the original cement, the cement filler, and new block(s) will display different colors. The epoxy coating improves the aesthetics. Epoxy sealant paint has the added benefit of keeping moisture out which, in turn, reduces the chances for more damage.

Over time, the concrete sidewalk returns to its original pristine condition thanks to the combined work of the homeowner and the contractor. To learn more, contact a company like New Interstate Concrete


26 July 2016

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