Benefits Of Renting Your Construction Equipment Rather Than Owning It


You own and operate your own construction company. Actually, you just got started, and you are considering renting almost all of the heavy duty equipment. That may work out quite well for you, especially where and when you would not ordinarily need a particular construction vehicle. Here are some of the benefits to consider if you are going to rent almost all of your construction vehicles.

NO Repair Costs

Unless you damage the rented equipment, you will never have any repair costs. Think of it; a dump truck blows a tire and you do not have to replace it. A backhoe's hydraulics bust- you do not have to fix that either. All of the repairs land squarely on the shoulders of the rental company.

No Extra Storage Space Needed

You will never need extra storage space for all of your construction vehicles either. Most construction companies that own their own equipment and vehicles often have a large overhead requirement for storage. They have to rent out space in warehouses and the like to keep their equipment out of the elements and prevent theft when the equipment is not in use. If you rent almost everything, you do not have that expense, ever.

Rental Fees for Only the Things You Need

Sure, you have rental fees, but only for what you absolutely need and only when you need it. Take crane rentals for example. How many projects do you think will require a crane? Probably only a third to a half will need a crane. That is a significant decrease in cost when you consider the daily rental price versus the thousands of dollars you could be spending every month paying off the loans on cranes, trucks, etc..

Free Replacements

Imagine going along, your average typical day on a construction site, when suddenly the engine drops out of your front loader. If you own it, you have to scramble to find a temporary replacement. If you rent it, you just call the rental company, tell them what has happened, and they replace it for free. That is correct; you have a long-term contract for use of that rental equipment, and it does not work or is not working, the rental company brings you a fresh one and removes the old one right away. There is no way you could afford to replace a construction vehicle like that mid-project if you owned it.

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7 November 2017

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