3 Textured Sidewalk Options


Concrete is generally a rough and porous surface. That is, when it is poured in the most economical and practical way, concrete dries with a texture that is well-suited to exterior sidewalk usage. But, homeowners often want the sidewalks on their property to look more stylish. They might also be interested in a surface that has a different texture or finish. There are many different cement products, pouring methods, and finishing techniques that can be employed to alter the texture of a concrete sidewalk. Here are 3 of the most unique options.

Burned Concrete

Burned concrete results in a very fine and smooth finish. Torches are used to essentially speed up the drying time of the concrete. This means that it cures with much smaller pores. So, the end result is a surface that is very smooth. Burned concrete is often used in warehouses and in modern architecture. A burned concrete sidewalk will be very smooth and pleasant to walk on if you are barefooted.

Water will run off of burned concrete instead of soaking into it. The smooth surface can be more slippery that normal cement, but it is also much easier to clean.

Rolled On Textures

It is also possible to roll textures into the concrete as it is drying. These textures create faux finished on the floor that look like natural stone, wood grains, pebbles, rock, and other natural looking surfaces. These are nice if you just want to make your sidewalks look a little more natural. These textures can also make the concrete easier to clean because they cover up the natural pores in the concrete.

Liquid Finishes

One of the most popular concrete finishing techniques is to add a gloss over the top of the surface. This is very popular because it can be done to a sidewalk that is brand new or 40 years old. Since it is applied to dry concrete, it is very easy to add to any surface. There are many different gloss finish products, but they will all pretty much do the same thing, even if the style or color is a little different. Gloss fills in the concrete and seals the surface. So, stains and dirt absorption are not really big issues. Concrete glazes are great if you are looking for a cheap way to improve your sidewalks.

All 3 of these methods could be perfect for making your concrete look a little more dynamic. To learn more, contact companies like E &  H  Concrete


10 October 2018

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