Why Ready-Mix Is Better Than Bagged Concrete For Your Outbuilding Slab


If you're planning to put up an outbuilding for a shed or workshop, you'll need to put down a concrete slab first. You can buy bags of concrete and mix it as you go or you can have ready-mix concrete delivered by a cement mixer. Even if your job is a small one, it's often better to use ready-mix. Here's why ready-mix concrete is a better choice than mixing concrete from a bag and some important things to know.

Why Ready-Mix Is A Good Choice

When you order ready-mixed concrete from a supplier, the concrete mixture is prepared with the right proportion of ingredients for the type of job you're doing. That ensures your slab foundation will be solid and strong enough to support a building. Ready-mix is mixed together in the cement mixer on the way to your house, so it is fresh and ready to use. The constant mixing keeps it from being too hard by the time it arrives.

Ready-mixed concrete gets better results than bag mix because the concrete is made all in one batch, making it uniform When you make concrete a bag at a time, you can get different results in the consistency. When you make concrete by hand, you have to make it in small batches, or it dries out before you can use it all. You won't have to worry about errors in mixing or adding water that cause your foundation to fail when you buy concrete from a supplier that is made for your purposes and already mixed together and ready to apply.

Important Things To Know About Ready-Mix

Coordinate the timing of the delivery of the concrete with your work schedule because you have to go to work right away once the truck arrives. The truck will pump the concrete into the work area, and then you'll have a set amount of time to spread it around before it hardens and gets too thick to work with. This makes pouring and spreading the concrete a much quicker job than if you have to mix up individual batches by yourself and spread them one by one.

It's also important to understand how much ready-mix you need and how a short load will affect the cost. Since each batch is prepared for each individual customer, a truck doesn't make multiple runs on each delivery. The concrete is made for you, delivered to your house, and then the truck returns for another fill up and delivery. That's why short loads cost more per cubic yard than a full load. You can use a ready-mix calculator or tell the supplier the length, width, and height of your slab and the supplier will calculate how much concrete you need.

Even though buying ready-mix is usually more expensive than mixing up concrete yourself at home, the convenience and quality make the cost worthwhile. 


1 December 2018

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