Want To Build A New Patio And Large Concrete Slab In Your Way? 2 Tips To Remove The Concrete


If you want to build a new patio and there is a large concrete slab in your way, you can remove the concrete in different ways. You then have a clean slate to start building your new patio. Below is more information about this so you can get your new patio to enjoy.

Use Slab Sawing

One technique that is often used to remove concrete is known as slab sawing. This can also be used to cut through flooring, such as if you want to remodel your home.

Slab sawing is using a saw that has a diamond blade. The blade mounts on a machine that the operator walks behind as they are cutting the concrete. How thick the saw can cut through depends on the diamond blade that is used. The blade itself is able to withstand the pressure it takes to cut through concrete without the operating having to stop to let the blade cool off.

Slab sawing can be difficult to do if you have never done this before. You also likely do not have the right equipment. Because of this hire a professional. This will ensure the job is done right so you will have no problems installing your new patio.  The professional can also do the job much quicker than you could on your own.

Use a Sledgehammer

If you want to remove the concrete slab yourself, you can do so by using a sledgehammer. This will break up the concrete into different sections at a time.

The tools you need to get started are the sledgehammer, shovel, pry bar, and a truck. You should also wear safety glasses to protect from flying concrete debris.

Start by swinging the sledgehammer onto an area of concrete until it is busted. This will take force so you will have to swing the sledgehammer hard. As you work there will be small concrete debris shooting away from the slab. If the slab is close to your home, cover your windows, as well as any vehicles that may be nearby.

When the concrete becomes loose, use a pry bar to completely remove it from the ground. If the pieces are very large, you can use a hand truck to remove them.

Once the concrete is removed consider repurposing it. You can use the concrete as a retaining wall, edging around a flower garden, and much more. If you do not want to do this, ask a professional what to do with it. This is because concdete should not be thrown in a dumpster. 

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as A & B Concrete Coring Company.


6 May 2019

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