6 Tips To Prevent Foundation Damage


No one wants to discover foundation damage. Although damages are sometimes unavoidable, often you can reduce the chances of cracks or leaks forming by implementing a few tips around your home.

Tip #1: Install a gutter system

The last thing you want is water collecting near the foundation, as this can eventually lead to damage. Install gutters and a downspout system on your home to route rain away from the foundation. Further, make sure the gutters are kept clean and functioning once they are installed.

Tip #2: Put in a drainage system

Sometimes gutters aren't enough, especially if water tends to collect in low spots near your home. A perforated drain pipe, installed around the perimeter of your home and routed downslope of the foundation, will help move water away from the foundation.

Tip #3: Watch for roots

Roots, particularly from trees and some shrubs, can cause foundation damage. Roots tend to spread to at least the same diameter as the tree's canopy, so if the canopy of a tree overhangs your roof, then the roots could be putting pressure on your foundation. Keep trees away from the foundation and remove any that could be a threat.

Tip #4: Control yard slope

A properly sloped and graded yard should angle down from the home and toward the street. This way excess water from rain and snow runs off toward the sewer drains in the street, not toward your foundation. You may need to have your yard re-graded if water is running toward the foundation.

Tip #5: Don't expose the foundation

You don't want standing water against your foundation, but you also don't want the foundation to fully dry out or it may begin to crack. To avoid drying, don't expose more than the top few inches of the foundation wall. The soil pushed against the foundation should supply sufficient moisture. If you have basement windows, then the foundation should be covered to within a couple of inches of the window bottom.

Tip #6: Repair issues promptly

Even small damage can eventually lead to large problems. If you notice a crack, either on the exterior of your foundation or inside the basement, schedule a prompt repair. Cracks will get larger over time if they aren't fixed, which can lead to major leaks, interior water damage and the need for more invasive repairs.

For more help, contact a foundation repair service in your area.


30 November 2019

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