3 Indoor Signs That Your Home's Foundation Needs Repair


There are a number of costly repairs that homeowners must face. One such repair – that of the foundation – is a less common one, but one that can certainly cause you a whole host of issues and cost you thousands if not addressed immediately. Learn how you can catch the issue early with the three signs below. 1. Doors Begin to Jam or Fail to Close Properly A door that suddenly jams or fails to latch can cause a number of issues, and it can also be caused by a number of factors.

28 June 2016

How To Repair And Resurface A Concrete Patio


Concrete is a highly durable material, but after time, it can crack and crumble with changing weather and temperatures. If your concrete is just beginning to crack or looks a little rough, the good news is that it can be repaired and resurfaced. If, however, your concrete is already crumbling and in really bad shape, you may want to think about having a new concrete patio put in for you by a professional concrete contractor.

22 June 2016

Ask These Questions When You Schedule Concrete Delivery


When you have a sizable project that requires concrete, it's a far better idea to hire a concrete delivery service than try to handle the job yourself. On your own, you'll need to carry heavy bags of dried concrete mix, mix them with water and then grade the concrete, all while working quickly before it sets. A concrete delivery service, meanwhile, will visit your home with a large truck, and then pour and level the concrete based on your specifications.

17 June 2016

Why You Carefully Consider Acid-Stained Concrete For Your Renovation


Do you have renovation plans? If so, acid-stained concrete could be an ideal material for you to consider. Its visual appeal makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor and indoor renovation projects. The following points will help you to better understand this type of concrete stain and why it is gaining popularity among property owners.   Overview of Acid Staining Process Contractors use a mixture of acid-soluble metallic salts, water, and hydrochloric acid to create the stain used for this type of project.

14 June 2016

3 Reasons To Consider Concrete Floors For Your Home


One of the best flooring materials that you can utilize for your home is concrete, mostly because this type of flooring can provide a range of benefits that other materials would hard-pressed to match. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider concrete floors for your home.  Benefits The Environment A major reason to consider concrete flooring is that it can actually be quite good for the environment.

10 June 2016

Have Your Concrete And Be Green Too


Concrete has been seen in some circles as being a green material for building. However, there have been naysayers who look at the fact that the production of cement accounts for approximately 6 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions per year. Considering the versatility, durability and low cost of the material ($3.25 to $5.25 per square foot), the idea that it might be adding to an increasing problem of global warming may make it seem less desirable to you.

10 June 2016

Flat Earth Theory: Building A Rooftop Deck On Your Modular Home


Self-sufficiency starts not just at home, but with the home that you select. Choosing a home with green features can help you remain environmentally-friendly, plus help with a more sustainable life. A modular home is a good choice for a house with green features, because you get to select the features that are built with the home. Here are some tips on building a rooftop deck at the top of your modular home.

7 June 2016

Repair Holes In A Concrete Patio And Add Sealer To Protect It From Future Damage


If there are a few holes in the surface of the concrete patio that covers part of your backyard, patch them with ready mix concrete by completing the instructions listed below. Afterwards, add a coat of sealer to the patio's surface in order to protect it from future damage or permanent stains.    Materials Needed broom scrub brush industrial-strength detergent bucket water hose ready mix concrete mixing stick gravel small shovel trowel plastic sheeting wooden stakes rocks concrete sealer paint roller and frame roller handle Remove Loose Concrete And Clean The Patio

6 June 2016

What Decking Materials Are Best For Your New Above-Ground Pool?


If you've recently made plans to install an above-ground pool in your backyard, you may be wondering what you'll need to do to construct a sturdy and safe patio or deck for your new pool. After paying for the pool itself (along with absorbing the increased water and electricity costs that come with maintaining a pool), you may want to have this deck built for as little as possible. On the other hand, you don't want to scrimp when it comes to safety, especially if you have children who may be running or diving from a slippery deck.

4 June 2016

5 Reasons To Choose Bentonite Clay For Sealing Basements On New Construction


When you're thinking about basement waterproofing before the house is even built, you can choose from all the various options without having to worry about the costs and mess of excavation to reach the buried concrete walls. If you're trying to decide which waterproofing method to have installed as your basement is built, don't forget about humble bentonite clay. This natural product offers a lot of benefits when it is installed from the very beginning of a structure's lifespan.

2 June 2016