6 Tips To Prevent Foundation Damage


No one wants to discover foundation damage. Although damages are sometimes unavoidable, often you can reduce the chances of cracks or leaks forming by implementing a few tips around your home. Tip #1: Install a gutter system The last thing you want is water collecting near the foundation, as this can eventually lead to damage. Install gutters and a downspout system on your home to route rain away from the foundation.

30 November 2019

Want To Build A New Patio And Large Concrete Slab In Your Way? 2 Tips To Remove The Concrete


If you want to build a new patio and there is a large concrete slab in your way, you can remove the concrete in different ways. You then have a clean slate to start building your new patio. Below is more information about this so you can get your new patio to enjoy. Use Slab Sawing One technique that is often used to remove concrete is known as slab sawing. This can also be used to cut through flooring, such as if you want to remodel your home.

6 May 2019